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Terragreen - Packaging Design
Teragreen is a company that sells completely natural honey, rock salt and ghee (clarified butter). Our challenge was to design the packaging for these items. We designed the labels keeping in mind the earthy and nature inspired look and feel of the brand. We also have the designs a sense of heritage to communicate feelings of trust and legacy.
Devee Feeds
Devi Seafoods, one of the largest shrimp processors and exporters in India. The brand aspired to grow in the Indian market with a new and fresh visual language that appeals to the Indian consumers.
VY Cakes
Identity Design for VY Cakes in association with 17dnorth Their cakes are Personalized cakes with a blend of luxury and perfection
Factoryal is a specialised startup incubator / accelerator based in Hyderabad, India. Their unique model comprises of on-boarding a batch of startups and then incubating them in a way that they compete with each other to stay in the accelerator program. Envisioned as a game, the process streamlines the number of startups by organising regular assessments through which incompetent startups get excluded as the program advances. At the end of every term, only a set of ‘surviving’ startups graduate. Our challenge was to give this accelerator an identity. We decided to take the whole ‘game’ concept as a starting point and designed an identity based on the simplest of strategy games - the game of ticktacktoe.
Logofolio 03
Logofolio 01
Fat Cow Creamery
Fat Cow Creamery is a concept based food truck that specialises in ice cream rolls and pops. All the ingredients are natural and freshly made everyday.
Sproutz Playschool
The idea was to have a fun identity to which a child can relate easily. It was created to invoke playfulness and creativity. The concept is based on Tangrams where in a few flat shapes are used to create numerous different shapes. Bright colors and geometric shapes used in the identity thus transform into various fun shapes and characters giving a boost to curiosity and creativity
Core Fitness Station
Core Fitness Station (CFS) is a holistic fitness training facility with state of the art equipments and well trained fitness experts and nutritionists.
Printing and Ink are inseparable and eternally in love. A Print Brand must translate this union through its language and visual feel. Taking Ink as the metaphorical element, the Brand feel for Printography is hence positioned to give the direct impact of what the Brand is all about. Giving an ‘ink drop’ that elevated status to form a ‘P’, signifies the union and gives Printography a very good recall value. Use of mixing colors further empowers the brand of its actual nature and the best it can deliver in quality and value.
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